Hi, my name is Kara and I’m a vegan Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. I have also completed a Diploma in Vegan and vegetarian Nutrition. Welcome to my collection of healthy plant based recipes 🙂

Veganlosophy Recipes is a recipe blog that is simple and straightforward. There are many blogs that tell a whole story before you get to the recipe, but for my blog I want to keep it quick and easy so if the title or photo of a recipe catches your eye, straight under it you will find the recipe, without a lot of scrolling around past multiple other photos and text or clicking on many other links 🙂 The main purpose is to simply share healthy plant based recipes!

I have been vegetarian most of my life, but it was only since becoming vegan six years ago that I really began to take a interest in cooking. Becoming vegan has been so rewarding in many ways, but what was unexpected was the way it actually expanded the food that I ate and experimented in the kitchen. It started out with my determination to prove that vegans can eat a varied diet. So I brought many vegan cookbooks, borrowed from the library, and searched blogs online. During the first three months of being vegan I cooked a different meal every lunch and dinner just to prove there are endless ideas!

I never thought that I could come up with my own recipes and used to rely heavily on others. But since working in the fitness industry I wanted to create more healthier version of many recipes and so started to experiment, and it is only since I started doing that that I began to have confidence in the kitchen. I really hope you enjoy some of these recipes I have come up with.

I realised also that I needed to improve my food photography so I am currently researching and practising that, through this blog we should see improvements!

Please enjoy my library of recipes ❤ and leave me some feedback to let me know how they go!




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